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John Beaudine - House of Jazz

On January 22, I played with the trio at House of Jazz. It was one of those bitterly cold nights so the crowd was small but appreciative.

As usual Sebastien Pellerin played great bass and did some tasty solos and Maude Locat layed down some great chords and showed a fine grasp of the bluesy jazz idiom.

My pal Snooky Alston dropped by and sat in for a few tunes.

The evening ended with the trio doing some pure jazz that were in the mood to play. Highlights were "Almost like being in Love" and a killer rendition of "Night and Day".

John Beaudine Trio- House of Jazz

Tonights the night. This is gonna be a fun night. Maude Locat on piano, Sebastien Pellerin on bass. We've got some great tunes lined up. A cold day but we'll warm up the house. We'll be on stage at 7:30. See you there.